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Malaysia encounters its biggest and worst flood ever since 2007. The flood has struck the west of East Malaysia affecting at least 34000 Malaysians who are now forced to be evacuated. 


Flood in Tanah Putih, Kuantan on 4th December 2013 
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Pahang is unanimously the most adversely affected state with some of its peripheral regions such as Kuantan and Rompin are heavily inundated by flood water at least one meter. Residents especially from the low lying areas were force to be evacuated by sheltered in the relief centers. Since the water level has continuously arise alarmingly despite the abate of downpour, TNB was forced to cut off electricity supply to over 1000 flooded power stations which has affected not only 63000 consumers but also interrupted the water pumps of Syarikat Air Terengganu. This has resulted temporary shortage of electricity and water supplies in certain districts of Pahang. With the addition of interruption in major telecommunications services, most of the premises of commercial enterprises and financial institution were forced to shut down, roads were impassable, the town were totally paralyzed with shortage of aid convey and basic necessity such as food and water. Residents were left with nothing but panic, havoc, and grief.   

Residents who trapped in the flood running towards the water tower to seek for protection
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Flood in Terengganu
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The situation in Terengganu worsen on 4th December 2013 as the rain had shown no sign of subside. Although it was reported that the rain had finally stopped. However the situation remains much the same and the level of water remain at the danger point. Kemaman is stills severely affected but the number of evacuees dropped 3840 to 3078. In addition, it was also reported that the first drowning case happens in Kampung Padang Kubu, Kijal, Terengganu where a 17 years old boy was said to have drown and found dead in the flood at Sungai Pelantoh and a child was also reported missing earlier. Adding to the fatality is a 21 years old man who was also found drown and death on Wednesday. 

Road seen collapsed by the flood 
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There were also 232 power stations being cut off which causes no electricity supply to 10000 residents. Many roads are also seen collapsed. 


Flood in Mersings. [Courtesy from:]
Flood in Mersing
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Despite that the flood water in most areas of Johor has finally receded and most of the evacuees were allowed to return home, there is still 23 shelters and relief centers remain operates to shelter approximately 400 victims from this disastrous flood. At this peak, 7500 Johor residents were forced to be evacuated from their residences. Mersing was the worst struck district in Johor. About 4800 families were badly affected by the intermittent rain pour but thankfully, no casualties have been reported.  


A 10 years old boy was seen carrying his books to a safer place as flood had hit his school 
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Kelantan becomes the fourth state to be hit by the massive flood. On Wednesday, 25000 residents were forced to leave their homes in Kelantan and the flood had affected six districts in Kelantan mainly Kuala Krai, Gua Musang, Machang, Pasir Putih, Pasir Mas, and Tanah Merah. All the major rivers in Kelantan were said to had breached the danger points. However, no accidents and casualties have been reported.

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